10 Ways to Entertain Toddlers While Traveling During the Holiday

10 Ways to Entertain Toddlers While Traveling During the Holiday

If you’re traveling with your child or grandchild this holiday season, put a plan in place to make sure it’s an enjoyable and stress-free journey for you and your family. Create a positive holiday experience for your little one, whether you’re traveling by car or taking a flight. From family engagement activities to independent play, keep little ones entertained and occupied as you embark on your next family trip. 

We’ve developed helpful travel tips to make it a safe and fun experience for little adventurers, explorers and travelers. 

Before You Go

  • Build anticipation: Before your real-life adventure, read about your journey so little travelers know what to expect.
  • Pack or plan surprises: New books, activities, prizes and more! 
  • Pack ahead of time: Start earlier rather than later.
  • Pack wisely: Car organization, healthy snacks and consider what items to include in your suitcase.

10 Essential Tips for Holiday Travel

Healthy Road-Trip Snacks 

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Keep little bellies happy with fresh fruits, veggies and protein-packed goodness.

Try This! Stimulate brain growth during mealtime by cutting food into creative shapes and asking your little one to name each shape and color.

Cuddly Comfort On-The-Go

Related Organic Cotton Lion Lovey Organic Cotton Bunny Lovey

Help your little one feel comforted and cozy by bringing along a favorite lovey.

Try This! Bring storytelling to life by asking your child to tell a story about lovey’s travel adventure. 

Magnetic Game or Puzzle  Magnetic Faces Activity 

Help stimulate creativity, communication skills and motorskills with a travel friendly activity while you're travelling.

Try This! Let your child explore their imagination by asking them what else they can create with their puzzle pieces.

Getting There
Parent Involvement
Alphabet Scavenger Hunt 

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Little scholars will have fun mastering the ABCs on their adventure.

Try This! As kids identify each letter, little hands can cross it off on a printable

Counting Game 

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Set the timer and see how many objects little ones can find.

Try This! Maximize learning by incorporating colors, letters and numbers.

“I Spy”

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Boost memory and visual learning with this classic road trip game.

Try This! Encourage little travelers to use all their senses, i.e., listening for sounds, feeling for bumps and sniffing for scents.

Read Books

10 Best Books For Infants, Toddlers & Children 

Early readers will enjoy looking at books on a road trip, at bedtime reading and beyond.

Try This! Encourage little observers to name objects they see in the book while traveling. 

The Quiet Game 

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Ready, set, quiet! Make it a fun game to see who can stay quiet the longest.

Try This! Give a snack or small prize to tiny winners.

Independent Play

Erasable Drawing Pad 

Related Erasable Drawing Pad Toy

Nurture young artists on the go with mess-free creativity for hours of fun.

Try This! Encourage little explorers to draw what they see in the environment.

Coloring Book or Sticker Book 

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Keep little explorers occupied with the perfect carry-on bag. Complete with stickers, crayons and more!

Try This! Have little ones store all of their travel faves in one place and carry it along in a compact toddler tote.

Nesting Bears

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This hands-on nesting activity encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Try This! Talk about the size, color and shape!

Once You Arrived

  • ​​Childproof accommodations: Toddler-proof the space (if you can).
  • Be flexible: Especially if you’re staying with a family member.
  • Don’t forget about the trip home: Put a plan in place for before, during and after.

Remember to have fun, be relaxed and stay safe while enjoying the trip and creating memories with the entire family.

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