Checklist: What to Pack for the First Day of Preschool

Checklist: What to Pack for the First Day of Preschool

Let’s face it: No matter how much you plan, you still might not feel ready for your child to head to preschool or get back to the classroom.

Put stress on snooze and transition from summer break to school mode with these back-to-school must-haves and helpful hints. From lunch bags to nap time necessities, we’ve rounded up everything your little one needs to ace the year ahead.

Preschool Preparedness: First Day of Preschool Checklist
These Big Little Universe-approved supplies will help kick the school year off right:

  • Lunch Bag: Top-rated lunch bags to store nutritious snacks and lunch to fuel your little one’s day.

    Tip: Get your child in on mealtime prep with our Bread Loaf Set. You’ll help your little one develop imaginative thinking, fine motor skill and practice playtime communication.


    Billabong Snack Time Lunch Bag
    from Billabong ($17.99)
    Rodgers Lunch Box from State Bags ($42)
    Bubble Gum Lunch Bag from Mokuyobi ($62)
    Blue Melon Lunch Bag from Mokuyobi ($62)
    Reusable Lunch Bag from Cotton On ($7) On Sale!
    Rainbow Organic Cotton Print Zipper Lunch from Fluf ($28.95)
    Solid Organic Cotton Zipper Lunch from Fluf ($28.95)

  • Storage Bag: A must for preschoolers on the go. Slip schoolwork inside, bring it home and proudly display it on the fridge for all to see. Activity Tote On-The-Go ($28)

  • Labels: Personalized name stamps will help your child to track belongings and get used to seeing his or her name. 

    Washable Name Stamp
     from The Name Stamp ($19.99)

  • Plastic Free Water Bottle: Make sure it’s an easy-to-open bottle to help your little one stay hydrated away from home.
    Kiki® 9oz Insulated Sippy Cup Bottle from Pura ($24.99)

  • Backpack: Choose an age-appropriate backpack that’s comfortable and easy to use. 
    UFO School Bag from Mini Rodini ($75)
  • Kane Kids from State Bags ($86)
    Matra Mini S from Ykra ($103.58) Ships to the U.S.


    1. Naptime necessities, e.g., rest mat, sheet and blanket.
    2. Change of clothing.
    3. A snuggly item like a lovey lion to comfort your child during naptime.

    4. Eco-friendly cotton face mask.
    5. Olika Clip On Hand Sanitizer
    6. Any other items requested by school.

    Parent Preparedness: Successful Transition for Preschool
    Once you have preschool essentials in hand, you may be wondering what else you need to do before the first day of school.  

    1. Prepare clothes, lunch and supplies.
    2. Label everything. 
    3. Remember: Being a parent might not come with instructions, but a well-organized plan will make both you and your kiddo smile.

    Toddler Preparedness: Readiness Tips for Your Toddler
    Here are a few ways to help ease your toddler’s nerves and get ready for the first day of preschool: 

    1. Let him or her know what to expect by reading books.
    2. Visit the classroom before school starts.
    3. Once school has started, be consistent with routines – it’ll help both of you! 
    4. Get your little one’s skills read. Support developmental milestones by creating teachable moments in conjunction with the school curriculum. 
    5. Have fun! 

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