Beach Bucket Set

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Buttery soft, BPA free and extra compact for all travel on those summer days. 100% Food-Grade silicone with a smooth touch for building, pouring and transporting without breakage. This set comes with 5 accessories shown:  1 Bucket, 1 shovel, 4 sea shaped accessories.

Ages: 18 Months & up
Dimensions: 5.5" T x 6" W
Materials: 100% Silicone
No assembly required:  See our safety guidelines
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is the bucket set easy to clean?

Cleaning these soft and durable silicone sand toys is quick and easy. We recommend washing in the sink with warm soapy water, rinse with clean water and let set air dry.

Are the bucket and shovel sturdy?

Silicone is the perfect sturdy, non-plastic toyset. The silicone is flexible and lends itself to little hands; the handle also makes transporting water easier because there's give to it.

Can I use the bucket set outside of the beach?

Yes! Some of our little one's favorite places to play include: bath time, sand box, and wood chips at the park.