10 Must-Do Fall Crafts and Activities for Kids

10 Must-Do Fall Crafts and Activities for Kids

Hurray, autumn adventures are calling! Make the most of cool-weather days with perfectly planned fall activities. From indoor crafts to an outdoor scavenger hunt, budding artists, crafters, makers, and explorers will love the sights, sounds, and tastes of fall.

Celebrate the season with our favorite festive fall activities for toddlers and kids.

Fun Fall Activities Perfect for an Autumn Day

Plan an Apple Orchard Adventure 
After visiting your local orchard, keep the fun going at home by making a yummy fall treat. Fall Fun Tip! Before your outing, prep kiddos by reading fun facts about apples.

Create Fall-Inspired Animal Leaf Art
Turn fallen leaves from a nature walk into adorable animal-shaped artFall Fun Tip! Encourage language development by modeling the sounds of each animal.  

Make Crayons With Shades of Autumn 
Get inspired by fall colors and create recycled crayons
Fall Fun Tip! As you sort through the pieces, name each color and encourage your little one to imitate you.

Pick and Decorate Pumpkins
Embrace the spirit of the season with creative, kid-friendly, no-carve pumpkins. Fall Fun Tip! Little helping hands will love painting and decorating with stickers or glitter.

Design Fridge-Worthy Fall Notecards
Develop fine-motor skills by dipping apples into paint and stamping on recycled paper. Fall Fun Tip! Once dry, collect leaves and glue them on your apple.

Plan a Fall-Themed Scavenger Hunt
Start a new tradition by filling nesting dolls or eggs with snacks or surprises. Fall Fun Tip! Encourage children to observe nature and the changing season by playing “I spy.”

Bake Harvest Pumpkin Cupcakes
Bring on the flavor of autumn with keto-friendly cupcakes.
Fall Fun Tip! Inspire little chefs to bake up a storm in their own play kitchen.

Build Adorable Pet Rock Art
Little artists will love creating a pet rock with paint, googly eyes, and a mouth.
Fall Fun Tip! Strengthen observational skills by discussing the type of rock, size, and color.

Go on Hayride
Keep the adventures rolling with a hayride in the crisp autumn air.
Fall Fun Tip! Point to and name what you see or turn into a game by asking questions.

Assemble an Autumn Leaf Scrapbook
Help little explorers develop an artistic eye by turning leaf rubbings into a book.
Fall Fun Tip! After your leaf-finding adventure, read about why leaves change color.

Learning About Seasons With Fall Activities

As you enjoy the change in season, maximize learning opportunities and nurture developmental skills with fall activities for kids. However you decide to celebrate autumn, have a fun time exploring, discovering, and learning together! 

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